I woke up from a dream with the lucid memory of a voice whispering a secret in my ear.


It repeated... Rio is a woman... Rio is a woman... I was left in a drunken state between dream and reality. Yet the voice lingered, like the sea breeze tickling my neck... Rio is a woman... and it settled deep within the back of my mind... Rio is a woman. Soon, I felt guided to nav- igate an ancient path with a gaze that transported me to an inexplicably different place.


I was born in Rio, I grew up in Rio. How had I never realized it before?


Rio is a woman.The city presented itself as a stage for new discoveries. As if by magic, feminine entities revealed themselves as mountains with sinuous curves. A dive in the sea brought the sensation of inside the womb. Within each shell, a whole narrative manifested itself. The Mate tea dripped in drops that paid homage to our breasts. There is a feminine life everywhere, and the more it seemed it was all delirium, the more I walked towards a broader understanding.


Rio is a Woman.


It is a living and pulsating body, a contrast in all its aspects. It is chaos and wonders. An entanglement of complex layers.