As Paola Vilas express her vision on the feminine, through sculptural pieces that connects people, nothing would translate this connection more than reuniting forces with other creatives around the globe.

Paola believes that creating and exchanging with one another is more interesting because each one’s background and history are unique, so together they have the strength to make something even more powerful.

Check here our collaborations.

Adriana Degreas X Paola Vilas

Paola Vilas dives into the tropical universe of the “Brasiliana” collection by Adriana Degreas to create playful and solar pieces.

Mara Hoffman X Paola Vilas

Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2017 presented during New York Fashion Week with Paola Vilas jewelry. The Mara Hoffman protest-march paid tribute to Women’s March, a demonstration for women’s rights.

Haight X Paola Vilas

Paola Vilas adapted some of her classic pieces into new exclusive ones for Haight’s minimalist, sophisticated and authentic world in its SS2020 fashion show at SPFW N47.