Lancôme x Paola Vilas

 La Vie Est Belle Art Edition by artist Paola Vilas Lancome

 La Vie Est Belle Art Edition by artist Paola Vilas Lancome signs a collaboration
with acclaimed Brazilian multidisciplinary artist and jewelry designer Paola Vilas for La Vie Est Belle, the Art Edition. In the multidisciplinary artist’s hands, the brand’s iconic eau de parfum, with its signature crystal smile bottle, is redesigned by the artist to bring to life her vision of joyful
femininity, adorning the bottle's smile with a 18K gold jewel. 

“Beauty is not obvious, beauty
is something you reveal, that you bring into life. It addresses in a very simple and pure way, concepts that are very complex, such as the feminine
identity in the contemporary world.”

Paola Vilas


Investigating beauty andfemininity, the art of Paola Vilas 

Transforming the joyful beauty
of the feminine form into everyday wearable sculptures, the multidisciplinary artist Paola Vilas has built a global name for her luxury jewelry, and interior

Named one of Forbes 30 under 30, Brazil’s emerging creative invites us into a neo-surrealist universe of optical
illusions.  Two faces intertwining in the design of a chair recall the surrealist works of Jean Cocteau, sculptures transmute into jewelry, or as the
Brazilian artist terms it “wearable art.” Revered by the fashion set, the designer’s instantly recognizable pieces have landed features in the world’s leading media titles. For Paola Vilas, creativity
flows from “a philosophical and intuitive investigation into femininity.” The artist brings her distinctive sculptural aesthetic now to reimagine La Vie Est Belle for Lancôme.

The reinterpretation of theiconic fragrance adorned by millions of women worldwide

“Something that really intrigued me in this whole process is understanding how much La vie est belle is present in the identity of so many women in the world. And how I could translate that into a precious sculpture.”
Four words charged with energy. Reaching into the corners of the globe to resonate in any language, La Vie Est Belle, originally created in 2012, is today the signature scent for millions of women.
 Understanding the fragrance’s place in women’s lives was the starting point for Paola Vilas. Fusing originality, instant aura and remanence, for Lancôme, the breakthrough scent represented the first iris gourmand, born in the creative alchemy between technology
and talent. The fragrance’s sweetness arrives in a burst of unexpected radiance
- its smile.