Paola Vilas creates an Astrological reinterpretation that brings women to the forefront through a new female consciousness. The sculptures amplify the importance of owning new narratives and representations that place women in a position bursting with power, character, and mystic energy.


The archetypes of women-Goddesses, represented through hybrid creatures, bring a magical, vigorous,      and delicate yet fetishizing atmosphere that subverts the distortion and shadowing of feminine power  throughout history.


Symbology generates layers of narratives intertwined within each piece. Eyes receive and emit light, they illuminate and express, containing the entire Universe. Three hands located in the back form a triangle, alluding to the wisdom of sacred geometry, which represents equilibrium, harmony, and conclusion, elevating us to a superior consciousness. In this sculptural vision that breaks away from normality, the pieces are formed with Agatha rocks.


They are conceived to be worn individually or jointly with each person's Sun, Moon, and Rising. To accommodate this, the chains are adjustable into three sizes.