In my search for a deeper consciousness about our relationship with the Universe, time has arisen as my main object of fascination.
Science, art, and spirituality delve into its hidden facets, suggesting that time has a secret in store regarding its true indomitable nature.
Not everything is what it seems. Physics has dissolved the illusion of linear time, revealing fragments regarding its essence:
Time is fluid. It stretches, melts, expands, contracts, folds, and mirrors. Its rhythm wildly runs across the infinite. Science proves that which spiritual wisdom has long declared – there is no distinction between past and future, and it is possible to access multiple dimensions.
It is paramount to expand the way we think about the concepts that orient us, diluting illusory structures. Time, just like the concept of the feminine, is something to relearn and to integrate, accepting its enigmatic characteristics. Reality exists within the invisible as well.
The wearable sculptures in this collection awaken an amplified consciousness about fundamental principles. Precious symbolic objects are the starting point for a profound search for our interwovenness with the Universe.