"Appetite" proposes an exploration of our deepest desires, inviting us to reflect on nourishment in a symbolic way, beyond the act of eating. Are we truly aware of what we crave? How are we nourishing ourselves through our emotions, thoughts, cultivated connections, and absorbed information? Are we numbing ourselves with excesses that intoxicate us? Are we depriving ourselves of something that nurtures us?

To connect with what we truly crave, we must delve into the unconscious, our dream world, the abode of our desires. The wearable sculptures in "Appetite" are powerful tools to investigate and express these deep desires. These jewels initiate conversations, creating a playful and creative space for self-discovery.

From a feminine perspective, additional layers of understanding our desires are added. This perspective on our Appetite gives birth to this collection of wearable sculptures, where every piece surprises upon close examination.